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The My ShiftHR Portal

The online system that gives immediate answers to your most pressing HR questions.

HR Portal

Where you will find document templates, sample documents, and updates to state and federal laws.

Discussion Forum

Where you can ask questions, get feedback, and build relationships with other business owners and professionals.

Live Training

Live webinars offer you an opportunity to learn from leading industry experts.

Q&A Sessions

Scheduled Q&A sessions will provide you a chance to find solutions to tough questions.

Your HR Online Portal Will Offer You The Competitive Edge You Need

Are you a small business owner that has employees? If you have a small team and do not have an in-house HR person, we can help! We will assist in managing your people needs and keep you compliant with State and Federal Laws.

Our HR Portal comes with the following resources:

  • Legal Templates
  • Sample Documents
  • Search Abilities
  • Updates to State and Federal Laws

Live Training and Q&A Sessions

Expand your knowledge and get answers to the tough questions that you have about HR

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Simple Monthly Subscription. 
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Introductory Pricing - $100 off the monthly subscription price, locked in for as long as you are a member.  

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Designed to help you stay current and compliant with your HR concerns

Modern Design

Our platform is designed and built using the latest technology. This means fast page load speed, secure information exchange, and user-friendly experience on all your devices.

Lightning Fast

Your platform experts are here to provide you assistance around the clock. With the HR Portal, you gain instant access to resources of value.

Continuous Updates

Our platform is updated and maintained periodically to ensure continuous product delivery to all our users.

Monthly Benefits

We offer live training and monthly Q&A Sessions with leading industry experts. Get Started now to enjoy this benefit.

Industry Insight

We consult several leading industry experts and will keep you up to date on legal changes that may affect your business.

24 / 7 Support

If things go south, we are here to assist you around the clock to get the issue resolved. Use the contact us form below or reach us through the discussion forum.

A Simple Monthly Payment Plan

My ShiftHR online platform price is based on a monthly membership fee. 

Introductory Pricing:  $100 off the regular monthly subscription amount, locked in for as long as you remain a subscribing member.

Get access to the "My ShiftHR Portal"

$97 per month

Plus $300 initial set up fee.

Regular Pricing will be $197 per month plus the $300 set up fee

  • HR Resource Portal on-line with 24/7 access
  • Constantly Updated Content and information about HR
  • Access to Sample Documents & Templates
  • Updates to State and Federal Laws
  • Question & Answer sessions
  • Live Training via on-line webinars
  • Discussion Forum
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • An Affordable, always available resource
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