Can I Reduce Employees' Pay during COVID-19?

covid-19 Jul 23, 2020

In this short 4 minute video, I give you my answers to this common question that I hear at least once a week right now.

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Termination Infographic video


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Effective Leadership

An effective leader is someone that leads by example. An employee will follow them because they believe it is the right thing to do.  Think about the characteristics you look up to:  honesty, reliability, confidence, openness.  Those are qualities of an effective leader.

According to SHRM’s article on “Transformational Leaders Will Rule the 21st Century”, Sheri Nasim, president and CEO of the San Diego-based Center for Executive Excellence, listed seven characteristics of transformational leaders. Each of these characteristics have one common thread:  transformation.  Leaders must be willing “to learn and grow from those they lead”.  Leaders must embrace change and be the change agents for their business. Be curious, mentor and above all understanding of not only the short term, but long term impacts of their role.

At ShiftHR, our leader, Pat Eardley, finds being a leader is not complicated. It is necessary to find a...

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